Audio, Video & Lighting Installations

Our initial consultation is always Free! That way, we can get to know you and determine how we can best help you to improve your system. We can scale our services to meet your exact budget and your exact needs. No Job is too big or too small. Our motto is "Great sound in EVERY seat!"

“Been there, done that” is more than just a phrase here! Our vast experience in all kinds of settings and locations works in your favor! 

With literally hundreds of installations from 100 to 15,000 seats, in three countries and over a dozen states, we do have the experience to help you! 

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"...I remember walking into this big empty concrete room that was designed for 1,500 people and thinking...the SOUND SYSTEM is going to be the biggest challenge!..As you know, we had a tentative agreement with another company but things just weren't working out, and I looked to you for advice...I believe God brought us together again during this process and now we have a wonderful and amazing sound system." 

John E. Smith
Chairman Building Coordinating Committee
First Church Of The Nazarene
Kokomo, IN

"WE ARE FINISHED!!! We have completed all of the work on our fellowship hall. It is amazingly quiet!!! We can talk in normal voices, and actually hear and understand what's being said. Even those of us who are hearing impaired can hear clearly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU on behalf of the Trustees and members of BCC!!!

Pastor Richard Utterback
Baptist Christian Church
Royal Center, IN

"I think you have done a great job and made the transition to the new system almost seamless. This stuff is great! I am loving the new system!"

Barclay Hall
Sound Team Leader
First Wayne Street United Methodist Church
Fort Wayne, IN

Operator Training

Whether your crew is experienced, and just needs some additional skills training, or you are bringing a new crew up that has no training, we are able to bring them to a whole new level.

Mitchell Design Group is a full service audio, video, and lighting installation company, specializing in church sound system installation, video installations, and lighting installations and integration located in central Indiana.