First Church Of The Nazarene - Kokomo, IN

First Church Of The Nazarene

Venue: 1,500 Seat New Sanctuary

They had been told many different things about the acoustics and system designs before we got involved, and they were not comfortable with what they were hearing.  We came in and did a ground up design with Adamson line arrays, and an Allen and Heath digital mixing console.  This is a very active church with a dynamic music program and they have a large community outreach.  They wanted excellence, and we were able to deliver.

Gear Used:

Adams Line Arrays

Allen & Heath iLive Mixing Console

"...I remember walking into this big empty concrete room that was designed for 1,500 people and thinking...the SOUND SYSTEM is going to be the biggest challenge!..As you know, we had a tentative agreement with another company but things just weren't working out, and I looked to you for advice...I believe God brought us together again during this process and now we have a wonderful and amazing sound system." 

John E. Smith
Chairman Building Coordinating Committee
First Church Of The Nazarene
Kokomo, IN